Fees and Commission

Service Item Services Charge Fee
Stock Brokerage
Brokerage Fee1 Negotiable
Stamp Duty 0.1% on transaction amount (rounding up to nearest dollar / paid by both buyer & seller)
SFC Transaction Levy 0.0027% on transaction amount
Stock Exchange Trading Fee 0.005% on transaction amount
CCASS Fee 0.005% on transaction amount (min. HK$3; max. HK$200)
Stamp Duty on Transfer Deed HK$5 per transfer deed
Custody Fee HK$50 per 6 months
Margin Client Account Lending Interest Prime Rate +3%
Cash Client Account Overdue Interest Prime Rate +6%
Stock Option Brokerage
Brokerage Fee Negotiable
Stock Exchange Trading Tariff
  • Tier 1 Stock Options: HK$3.00 per contract per side
  • Tier 2 Stock Options: HK$1.00 per contract per side
  • Tier 3 Stock Options: HK$0.50 per contract per side
  • Stock Option Exercise & Assignment Fees
    Brokerage Fee Exercise price x No. of contract x lots size x 0.25% (Min. HK$100)
    Stamp Duty HK$1 per HK$1,000 Transaction Amount
    SFC Transaction Levy 0.003% of Transaction Amount
    Stock Exchange Trading Fee 0.005% of Transaction Amount
    CCASS Fee 0.01% of Transaction Amount (Min. $3, Max. $300)
    Stock Exchange Exercising Fee HK$2 per lot
    Other Stock Option Fees & Charges
    Cash/Scrip Division 0.5% of Total Dividend Amount (Min HK$30, Max HK$2,500)
    Scrip Handling and Settlement-related Services
    Settlement Instruction via CCASS – Delivery 0.05% of gross value (using previous closing price) (S-1)(min. HK$30; max. HK$500 per SI)
    Settlement Instruction via CCASS – Received Waived
    Investor Settlement Instruction via CCASS Waived
    Physical Scrip Deposit HK$5 (per certificate)
    Physical Scrip Withdrawal HK$5 per board lot of shares (min. HK$50)
    Nominee Services and Corporate Actions
    Scrip Fee;Collection of Cash Dividend HK$2 per board lot;0.50% on dividend amount (Min. HK$20; Max. HK$10,000)
    Collection of Scrip Dividend / Bonus Issue HK$2 per board lot (plus handling fee of HK$20)
    Rights or Offer shares subscription (Payment date: S-1) HK$1.5 per board lot (plus handling fee of HK$20) Max. HK$30,000
    Fee for Claims of Entitlement Cost of claim (plus handling fee of HK$600 per stock)
    Other services
    Subscription of IPO Application Fee: HK$100 per application
    Short selling Adjustment Cost of claim from CCASS (plus handling fee of HK$500 per stock)
    Dishonoured cheque Handling Fee HK$200
    Re-issue Daily/Monthly Statement HK$50.00 per statement/month for over past 3 months
    Telegraphic Transfer (TT) Charges Bank cost (plus handling fee of HK$260.00 per T/T)
    Real Time Stock Price Quote HK$350.00 per month

    Note1: Commission is calculated separately for each side and trading channels.